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Archaeological Museum of Naples 1895. Corridor of the Masterpieces. Brooklyn Museum Archives. Goodyear Archival Collection.

Goodyear Archival Collection
William Henry Goodyear (1846–1923) was the Brooklyn Museum's first curator of fine arts. A finding aid to the collection and an extensive selection of his photographs, either taken or collected by him, are now available online.
William Henry Goodyear (1846–1923) was the Brooklyn Museum's first curator of fine arts (1899–1923) and a renowned art and architectural historian. In addition to being a vital force in the early years of the Museum's fine arts department, Goodyear did extensive research in art history and architectural theory.
The entire Goodyear Archival Collection can also be found on the Brooklyn Museum Web site.
We wish to thank Angie Park, Archivist and Manager of Special Library Collections, Brooklyn Museum for having allowed us to reproduce the historical photographs from Goodyear Archival Collection on the JIIA 'Journal of Intercultural and Interdisciplinary Archaeology' for scientific (not commercial) purposes.

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